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GEOPARC'18 formation series
9/07/2018 - 25/09/2018

GEOPARC'18 formation series

The Geopark of Central Catalonia presents the second edition of the Geopark Technical Conference program. It is a set of 4 morning sessions distributed throughout the year that aims to deepen the knowledge about Geopark and its story. These days are mainly aimed at the agents of the territory, the public or private sector, more linked to the tourist activity. It is a cycle that allows continuous training for Geopark collaborators. The proposal is aimed at providing tools and showing experiences related to Geopark in general, and to geology and its heritage, to create a new offer or to complement that already offered in the territory.


- February 5, 2018

- March 14, 2018

- July 9, 2018

- September 25, 2018


3rd TECHNICAL DAY: Geological tools for the tourism sector "the suitcase of geology"

As was already shown in the training on "The basic keys to explain the home geology" last year, the various economic activities in the Geopark can incorporate the geology of proximity to their speech in an effective and simple way. This day will present new ways and proposals available to everyone to encourage the visitor's stay with simple and attractive activities. The set of activities carried out can be a suitcase of geology available to all the collaborators of the Geopark.

REGISTRATION: Registration form for the 3rd Session of Training: "The case of geology"
SPACE: Hematology Space. Avenida Manuel Lopez, 10 - 08273 Santa Maria d'Oló (see map)



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