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From Rocaters to the Riera de Merlès - Gaià
9.30h a 13.30h


Geological route through the terme de Gaià, it places the northern sectors of the Geopark of Central Catalonia and also the region of the Bages. Along the route of the itinerary, we will recognize the materials that rebuilt the sea that was then found in this place, at the end of the Eocene and principles of the Oligocene. At that time, the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean System were being eroded. Thus, the material results of erosion blur this sea. For the surroundings of Gaià, these materials came from the Pyrenees.


09.30h General meeting, entrance to Galera (sports center) I Gaià

10:00 pm Rocaters, beginning of the route on foot.

10.45h Source of Can Vinya Vella

12.15 h. Merles Creek

12.45 h Barraca del Monjo.

1.30 pm Cal Rocaters i Gaià

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Note: The participants in this departure who are teachers may obtain a certificate issued by the Department of Education and managed by COLGEOCAT in collaboration with SIGMADOT. In order to be able to opt for the aforementioned certificate, they must participate in four of the trips organized from this cycle l


Millions of years ago, in the geographical heart of Catalonia, there was a sea that disappeared pushed by the rise of mountain ranges like the Pyrenees. The geological processes have left a territory with spectacular rock formations such as Montserrat and rich natural resources such as salt, plaster or lime. Discover our Geopark with the geological exits of Professor Josep M. Mata.


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