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Geopark Training "Geopark Product Creation"
9.30 a 13.30h

Geotourism is the main tool that has a Geopark to develop a sustainable strategy that brings together a large part of the resources available in the territory. The way in which this geotourism reaches the visitor's public is largely based on the creation of "Geopark Product". The session will feature successful examples of different Geoparks as well as a session on the experience of one of the companies in the same territory. It will also explain the evaluation procedure that will be followed as of now and that will complete the process to prove the collaborating companies of the Geopark that are part of the Program for the Commitment to Sustainability and Adhesion to Geopark.
Location: Cal Balaguer del Porxo
Place: Cal Balaguer del Porxo




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