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Moved to Agula 2018
17h - 20h
Parc de l´agulla

The origin of La Moguda a l'Agulla dates back to 1999. It was a closing activity of the esplais that participated in the Stop program. Given the success of this proposal, the CAE wanted to continue, and little by little Movida a la Aguila has become a celebration for everyone. And it is that more and more families are moving to the Parc de l'Agulla to join the recreation centers and enjoy the different activities that are programmed by the CAE that day: games, workshops, songs, stories, gymkhana, children's entertainment shows, etc. As a general rule, Moguda a l'Agulla takes place on the first Saturday of the month of May, this year on the 5th. On this occasion, the spaces where the Moguda is divided are inspired by the Geopark.





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