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Geological route through the Western sectors of Callús
9h a 14h

It is an exit of geological recognition for the western sectors of the term Callús and at the same time for the eastern sectors of Fonollosa. The route will be from the Manos de Callús, to Bòvila and to Jaumandreu, to return later to Callús.


Start        Departure from the Callús Town Hall | Callus

Stop 1       The surroundings of the Tines of the Manxes

Stop 2       Climb to La Portella

Parada 3   Conditional, ancient Manresanes Ceramics, the Bóbla

Stop 4       Explorations of Calcolutites from the path to Jaumeandreu

                and Canet de Fals

Stop 5      Plà de la Polgada

stop 6      Conditional, Jaumeandreu vineyards

Stop 7     Torrent de Jaumeandreu

Stop 8     Conditionals, around the bridge over the Cardener River

End           Final section of the route, the Manxons | Callus

Download the detailed program of the exit here



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Millions of years ago, in the geographical heart of Catalonia, there was a sea that disappeared pushed by the rise of mountain ranges like the Pyrenees. The geological processes have left a territory with spectacular rock formations such as Montserrat and rich natural resources such as salt, plaster or lime. Discover our Geopark with the geological exits of Professor Josep M. Mata.


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