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Geological exit for the eastern sectors - Sallent
9.30h a 13.45h
Sallent (Aparcament de terra de la resclosa sobre el Llobregat)

Geological exit of recognition of the geological materials of the eastern sectors of the municipal district of Sallent. The route will be from Barri del Guix a la Carrera, to the Can Garret Forn, to the Castelll and back to the Guix. In this itinerary will be found Cenozoic outcrops of the Eocene, mainly between the formation of Artés, Súria and Cardona.




Sallent: Barri del Guix, Can Carrera, Camí de Fucimanya, Can Garret oven, Castell de Sallent, El Guix;


You must confirm your attendance at the start using this online form.


Note: The participants in this departure who are teachers may obtain a certificate issued by the Department of Education and managed by COLGEOCAT in collaboration with SIGMADOT. In order to be able to opt for the aforementioned certificate, four of the exits will have to participate in this cycle ..







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