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Geological exit for Sant Cugat del Racó and Castelladral - Navàs
9.3h a 14.30h

It is a circular geological route. This will be carried out in its entirety by the municipal district of Navàs. It will be from Sant Cugat del Racó to the old municipal head, the town of Castelladral. Finally, it will be returned to the starting point of the route, in Sant Cugat del Racó. Throughout the route there will be found outcrops of cenozoic materials that rebuild the Geological Depression of L'Ebre, where it places the Geopark of Central Catalonia.


9.30 am Departure from the Sant Cugat del Racó church | Navàs
9.45h Sharks
10.10 h Vall de la riera de Sant Cugat
10.30h Tomb of Vilamorós, immediate surroundings of the olive grove
11.15 pm The bars of Cal Grates
11.45 p. Paleocanals of Cal Grates (optional stop)
12.00h Comaposada Balma
12.15pm Castellot de Castelladral
12.45h Cruce de Castelladral
13.15 h Reliefs around the Rovira (optional stop)
13.45h Castelladral road to Sant Cugat del Racó (optional stop)
2:30 p.m. Arrival at the crossroads of the Castelladral road to Sant Cugat del Racó, with the Castellnou road, near the Riera de Sant Cugat | Navàs

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Note: The participants in this departure who are teachers may obtain a certificate issued by the Department of Education and managed by COLGEOCAT in collaboration with SIGMADOT. In order to be able to opt for this certificate, they will have to participate in the three exits of Artés (15/04, 05/05 and 17/06) together with this geological exit of Navàs.

Millions of years ago, in the geographical heart of Catalonia, there was a sea that disappeared pushed by the rise of mountain ranges like the Pyrenees. The geological processes have left a territory with spectacular rock formations such as Montserrat and rich natural resources such as salt, plaster or lime. Discover our Geopark with the geological exits of Professor Josep M. Mata.


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