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The European Geoparks Week is an event which occurs annually between late May and early June. This year will be from May 19 to June 10. It is an event that is organised simultaneously in all the European Geoparks. During these days, ...

It is a circular geological route. This will be carried out in its entirety by the municipal district of Navàs. It will be from Sant Cugat del Racó to the old municipal head, the town of Castelladral. Finally, it will be returned to the starting po...

The origin of La Moguda a l'Agulla dates back to 1999. It was a closing activity of the esplais that participated in the Stop program. Given the success of this proposal, the CAE wanted to continue, and little by little Movida a la Aguila has become ...

The area between Sallent and Balsareny presents a large number of tectonic phenomena that mark the end of the Pla de Bages and give way to the much more complicated orography that characterizes the northern half of the Geopark. Its subsoil concentrat...


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