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Geological and Mining visits

"Valentí Masachs" geology museum
The “Valentí Masachs” geology museum goes beyond a classical museum of geology. Apart from housing relevant mineral, rock and fo...
Camp d'aprenentatge del Bages, Casa de la Culla
The Bages training camp is an educational service with different activities and materials intended to ease the interpretation of the social, cultur...
Montserrat Mountain Natural Park
It is one of the main points of interest with a stunning landscape and an outstanding natural, cultural and spiritual heritage. The former delta of...
Súria Village
The rocks from the Eocene basin in this area, dating back around 37 million years, are witnesses of the withdrawal of the sea and the great eva...
Coves Toll1
Toll Caves
The Toll caves are formed in limestone rocks from an ancient coral reef aging back 38 million years. The underground river still keeps forming cavi...

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