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El mar de la Catalunya Central

Our journey takes us 42 million years back, when this area was covered by a warm sea, similar to the Caribbean sea, forming a golf on the west opening to the Atlantic.

During millions of years, large rivers formed extensive deltas, partly corresponding to the  relieves of the current Natural Parks of Montserrat and Sant Llorenç del Munt, while the area around the village of Moià, a very quiet coastal area, had the perfect conditions for the full development of coral reefs. The Toll caves were formed in those 38 million year old reefs, on a continuous process still active today.

When the sea began to withdraw pushed by the rising of the Pyrenees, 36 million years ago, there was an intense evaporation, causing the precipitation of gypsum first (between Artés and Calders) and then salts such as rock salt (halite) and potash (silvite), in the deeper areas (Súria and Cardona). The sea finally disappeared for ever and was replaced by lakes and rivers, identifiable by the reddish rocks colouring the landscape.

In this time travel you will discover amazing caves, wetlands, an abandoned meander, lime kilns, the spectacular failure of the Middle World and the whole traditional gypsum mining resort around Súria with extraction of potash still in operation.

The tour will show you:

  • The heritage of this sea in Súria.
  • The nature of the Bobila wetlands in Santpedor.
  • The contemporary art in the restored Lime Kiln in Calders
  • The unique landscape of the meander of Calders.
  • The spectacular Toll Caves in Moià.

Download the guide with detailed information of the tour!

Activities for: All ages
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