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Travelling exhibition

There is a travelling exhibition of the Geological and Mining Park of Central Catalonia, already a Geopark, with a collection of 5 roll-up displays, specially designed for the awareness and acquaintance of the heritage of the Geopark, thus contributing to its conservation and protection.

They were made by the Department of Mining Engineering and Natural Resources from EPSEM (UPC) prior to being Geopark, although the contents are still valid.

The exhibition plays both, a travelling and an educational role:

  • it explains what the Park is and what its geological and mining resources are,
  • it specifies the objectives of the Geoparc and the needs of the territory,
  • it describes the work areas and the development strategies,
  • it ponders on the existence of the Park and the need for it to become a member of the European Geoparks Networks (under auspices of UNESCO); achieved in September 2012.

The travelling exhibition is addressed at schools, associations, youth clubs and other venues interested in hosting it. You only need to send your application to the Bages County Council department of Tourism.

The measures of the roll-ups are 200x80 cm. You can download the low resolution pdf files from  the attached links. (In catalan).

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