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Fruit of the intense mining activity over the years, with some mining resorts still active, there are quite a number of installations related to the extraction of salts such as halite (Cardona) and sylvite (Sallent, Súria, Balsareny and until recently also Cardona).

Also noteworthy are the works of ornamental rocks in Castellbell and Sant Vicenç de Castellet, calcolutites in Sant Mateu de Bages as well as the old lignite works in several areas of the Bages region.

There is no doubt that mining creates jobs and brings wealth to the area, but it also has some environmental influence. Fortunately, mining is nowadays more environmentally friendly. The Geological and Mining Park in Central Catalonia strives to contribute positively to a sustainable development of this industry revaluing the raw materials, the industry itself, and its impact in the region through geotourism.

The use of non renewable resources contributes to social progress and better quality of life. This can, however, not be done irrationally. Sustainable mining is an increasing challenge to develop the best techniques and research. The UPC actively contributes to this change in attitude with the awareness area “Earth is used up” in the Museum of Geology “Valentí Masachs” in Manresa, as well as the promotion of methods to reduce environmental impact, mining safety, etc. often in direct contact with the producers.


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