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The Rocks of the Park

The Geological and Mining Park in Central Catalonia has a great variety of sedimentary rocks as a result from the stocking of sediments from rivers, deltas and seas, as well as former reefs of limestone, gypsum and salts, precipitating into a gradually disappearing sea during the rise of the Pyrenees. Such significant changes in the last few million years, favoured an intense erosion of the territory and configured the current landscape, in some cases with prominent shapes such as Montserrat, witnesses of this unfamiliar but close history.

Folds, faults, thrusts, caves and rocks, part of the heritage that the Park aims at preserving and unveiling, are witnesses of the existence of seas, mountains, rivers, deltas and living creatures millions of years ago.

The landscape of the Geological and Mining Park in Central Catalonia is configured by a great number of constructions such as lime, plaster and tile kilns, built with autochthonous rocks and stones, scattered along the villages and forests, as well as other constructions, such as vineyard huts. Some of them, due to their richness and beauty, have already turned or will turn to tourist and educational resources, introducing us to the way raw materials were traditionally transformed to obtain tools for everyday use.

The idea of time we are most comfortable and familiar with spans from one year, human scale, to a few thousand years, basically needed to understand our history.

However, when it comes to the history of Earth, this isn’t but a sigh. Therefore, in Geology, the unit of time used is ... 1 million years!

From the approximately 3,760 million years of geological register of Earth, the period represented in the area of the Geological and Mining Park in Central Catalonia, corresponds to the last 42 million years. The table of geological times allows to easily view it in a graphical way.


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