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What is the GeoPark?

Over 36 million years ago, at the geographical heart of Catalonia, there was a sea which disappeared with the rise of the Pyrenees. This process left spectacular rock formations and rich nature resources, which defined the landscape and the society of the territory.

The Geological and Mining Park of Central Catalonia, formed by the Bages region and the municipality of Collbató, is actively working for the protection of its geological heritage, integrating it in a territorial strategy of sustainable economic development.

The geological heritage is a recognition of the role of man to provide an economically sustainable future for the development of society as a whole, as well as our social responsibility. In many ways, the geological heritage of Europe is as diverse, interesting and dynamic as the multicultural heritage of many regions in Europe. The geological heritage of Europe is also our shared history and this history can be read on the stones and the landscapes around us.

The Geological and Mining Park of Central Catalonia is a unifying project that highlights the geological and mining attractions of the area, as well as the tourist assets under a common denominator, geotourism, with an interesting and high quality tourist offer, integrating culture, nature, geology, mining and gastronomy. Geotourism must be understood as the activity that supports, or even improves the geological character of the territory, including its culture, environment, heritage and the well-being of its residents. The idea of sustainable improvement allows a development based on the identifying own characteristics of the territory.

  • Exceptional peculiarities such as the Toll caves and the Saltpeter caves or the relieves of the former deltas of Montserrat and Sant Llorenç de Munt, two Nature Parks with an identifying landscape.
  • The Catalan Potassic Basin, an example of world relevance of the sedimentation of marine evaporitic rocks, with minerals such as halite (common salt) and sylvite (potash), formed 37 million years ago in a spectacular tectonic context: the rise of the Pyrenees.
  • A geology museum that goes beyond a classical museum, since as well as collections of minerals, rocks and fossils, it also shows the use of these geological materials to people.
  • 46 points of geological and mining interest
  • A comprehensive business network directly or very closely related to tourism, with over 400 companies.

The Geological and Mining Park in Central Catalonia will definitely not leave you indifferent. Come and explore it!





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