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2.5 million investment to promote geotourism in Bages
• The ERDF has approved the project presented Bages County Council together with 10 municipalities of the region, of which EUR 1 million will subsidize • The aim is to restore architectural, natural and monumental linked to Geoparks The resolution of the announcement of the ERDF has approved a grant of 1 million euros to realize the project submitted by the consolidation of geotourism Bages County Council and 10 municipalities in the region. Overall, the actions represent an investment of 2.5 million euros, of which ERDF n'aportarà 40%. The proposed actions foresee recover cultural heritage architectural and natural monuments linked to the Geopark, as well as improved accessibility and signage and landscape heritage legacy related mining and geological Bages. This ERDF regional Bages in the field of tourism is to highlight the natural and cultural heritage of the region, from the Geopark and taking account of the tourist projection and the endorsement of UNESCO quality seal. In total, 11 actions will be developed in 10 different municipalities -art, Avignon Callús Cardona, Castellbell and Vilar, Navarcles Navàs, Sallent, San Vicente de Castellet and Santpedor- and other supra-municipal actions in terms of Geoparks. The aim is to diversify the economy of the region through geotourism, boosting the service sector linked to tourism, creating jobs, positioning the Geopark and sustainably preserving local heritage. The designation of UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia offers enormous possibilities of projection and international recognition of the region as a new tourist destination and attractive quality. The actions to be carried out are: • Removal of architectural barriers and the annex building of the History Museum of Arts. In this museum you can see old machines in the factories of the people, tools and small remnants of the geology of the area. • Conditioning access and promotion of tourism Old Bridge of Avignon. • Restoration of bathtubs Manxons Callús to conserve this building that houses the eight tubs dated S.XIII-nineteenth century that were used for making wine. We want to turn this space into a center of interpretation of the Ruta de la Sal. • Improving spaces Disclosure Cultural Park Cardona Salt: Pou Alberto and Central Electric to provide quality service to visitors and encourage the dissemination of knowledge about the appeal of the salt and the geological phenomenon of the Mountain Sal. • Rehabilitation of facades and small hall Casino Borras Castellbell and Vilar, to locate a point of interpretation for the tourism industry. • Improved accessibility Monastery Navarcles street to turn it into a promenade connecting San Benet and the city center. • Interpretation Centre Slaughterhouse wine tourism calendars: reforming the current building of the slaughterhouse, 1930, to adapt them to the Interpretation Centre and wine tourism information point and tourism management. • Interpretation Centre Navas Lunar: Lunar museumisation Interpretation Centre in the beating (former rectory restored) Castelladral to explain the importance of the moon in the rural villages. • Reform Project of the house museum Torres Amat Sallent XX-nineteenth century, declared Heritage, to prepare them as part Interpretation Centre and increase their cultural tourist attractions. • Rehabilitation Plan of the monumental San Vicente. The scope of the House of the Hermit and the castle tower. • Enabling Chapel Clarassó Cal Guardiola, a former textile factory of the nineteenth century as a Tourist • Plan signaling Geoparks and execution of the same. This plan is necessary to make visible all the resources that belong to the same signal identifying a Geopark. • Marketing, communication and dissemination of Geoparks: promotional material, advertising presence, renovation of the site, etc. The wording of the various projects will start immediately to begin some of the work this year 2017. The deadline for the implementation of all measures included in the plan is 2020. The Regional Council of Tourism, Josep Canals, has praised the approval of the project which stressed that "the opportunity for the development of our region, based on a powerful and consolidated tourism, taking advantage of property assets , industrial landscape and what we already have. It is a final push for signage and promotion of UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia, which has an international seal of quality that we endorse as a prime tourist destination. "
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