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3rd exit of the Geopark: The kingdom of salt. The exceptional mountain (P5 - GS3)
Last May 30, the third exit of the Cycle of Geopark Outings was carried out at the same time as the last session of the Points of Tourist Information and Geoparc Collaborating Centers session. Under the title "The Salt Kingdom, the exceptional Mountain" attendees visited the Salt Mountain to know first hand this experience and then they could get to know the ERDF project that has Cardona to adapt touristically and in key Geoparc Ancient mining infrastructures located around the Salt Mountain. At the end of the day, a breakfast was served with artisan products from Cardona with cheese and sausages. Then the group moved to Súria where the geotourist visit proposal was being developed, based on the character Charles Lyell, founder of modern geology. More than 60 tourist agents from the region attended this event. There is only one way out to finish the Cycle of Geopark Outings.

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