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Eight directors of university schools of all Catalonia UPC visit the salt deposit Cogulló in Sallent.
The directors of the colleges of UPC in Catalonia visited Cogulló salt deposit, in order to be able to see first hand what makes environmental management, especially its water management based on the collection and management saltwater. The visit has received from UPC in coordination with the Director of the EPSEM - UPC Manresa also the sallentina Rosa Argelaguet, who described the visit "very pleasant and instructive, especially for teachers who knew the UPC Bages little mining activity, but also those who are of the same territory. " Among others attending the visit the heads of the colleges of UPC Nautical Castelldefels, Faculty of Mathematics, Vilanova Terrace Construction engineering and EPSEM-UPC Manresa. The directors of the colleges of UPC became a meeting preliminary with the Director of Environment ICL Iberia Suria & Sallent Lluis Fàbrega, who talked about the history of the deposit saline Cogulló and environmental measures implemented last years to manage environmentally salt mountain, according to current regulations. They also made a preliminary explanation of the activity itself and the processes implemented in the field of extraction and processing of potash and salt. The Director of Environment & Suria ICL Iberia Sallent Lluis Fàbrega, said that "ICL is basic and very important to explain how it is managed now in the environmental Cogulló salt deposit. It was a very positive visit. " The directors of the center of the UPC campuses visited the Salt Mountain of Sallent Cogulló accompanied by the director of the environment, Lluis Fàbrega, and a PhD in hydrogeology, Àlex Sendrós, also a member of the Department of Environment of ICL. After the explanations, the directors of the centers of the UPC could be seen as applied "in situ" measurements of sustainability, where and how to apply. A visit to the salt deposit Cogulló Sallent group UPC professors in Catalonia served finally to ask questions related to the activity.

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