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The Geopark Central Catalonia confirms title and remains the first and only UNESCO World Geopark Catalonia
After four years of becoming Geoparks had to overcome peer review, to ensure that the country remains faithful to the objectives of Geoparks.
The news was made public this afternoon at the International Conference of UNESCO Geoparks being held in the UK.
Finally confirmed: the 7th International Conference of the UNESCO Global Geoparks, held this week in the UK, has announced this afternoon that the UNESCO Global Geoparks Central Catalonia (composed of Bages, some municipalities Moianès and Collbató) confirms the title and remains the first and only Geopark of Catalonia recognized by UNESCO.
On 20 September 2012, the then Geological and Mining Park of Central Catalonia was integrated into the European Geoparks Network and became the first Geopark recognized Catalonia. Now, four years later, the Geopark would happen because the revalidation Aval international authorities that the territory maintains the quality of its infrastructure and services and meet the objectives of Geoparks.
Finally, this afternoon, the final act in the English Riviera Geopark, host of the conference, was made public that the Geopark has stood the test evaluators and remains a full member of the Network of Geoparks that since a year ago, was integrated into UNESCO.
Unesco Global Geoparks charge of Central Catalonia expressed their "deep satisfaction that all the work done and the projects have developed their results and to remain worthy of the UNESCO World Geopark label, a label of international prestige." In addition, they wanted to make an explicit recognition of "the whole fabric of private and public sector, who believe in this
project since its inception and remain engaged and involved in the dissemination and development of Geoparks. "
What is a Geopark?
It is an area of ​​special geological interest that is committed to developing a management model based on geological and mining heritage in the economic and cultural revitalization in ongoing scientific research in geotourism and develop pedagogical actions to bring geology citizens.
In the case of UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia, occupies an area 40 million years ago that was covered by a sea that disappeared with the rise of the Pyrenees, in a process that has made spectacular rock formations and rich natural resources that have defined the landscape and society of the region.
It has exceptional singularities as the Caves of Montserrat, Collbató, the Coves del Toll in Moià and the present reliefs of ancient deltas of Montserrat and Sant Llorenç comprising two parks with a very particular landscape. This unique geological allowed him to become the first and so far only, Unesco Geopark Catalonia.
The Montsec-Tremp basin has presented its candidacy to become the second Geopark Catalan and in a few months we will know if it is accepted by the UNESCO Global Network of Geoparks.
For statements:
Ferran Climent, scientific director of Geoparks: 695 55 00 60


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