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The Cultural Park Cardona Salt Mountain hosts the Thursday ceremony of the UNESCO Seal and Emblem SICTED tourism
The event will be held on Thursday, April 7, at 5 pm inside the Salt Mountain of Cardona, in the place of the "Sistine Chapel" and will have the assistance of the Mayor Fernando Estruch; Deputy Tourism Barcelona Provincial Council, Michael Horn and the Regional Council of Tourism Bages, Josep Canals.
The conference will bring together an outstanding performance of tourism businesses and local institutions, there are 35 business projects Bages during 2015 were awarded the quality label tourism SICTED ensuring compliance with the requirements of this program tourism quality.
In addition, the evening will include the delivery of the new seal with which Unesco has been awarded the project Geopark tourist Central Catalonia. This recognition comes after last November the General Assembly of UNESCO in Paris, approved the official program "UNESCO Geoparks worldwide." The Geopark Scientific Director of Central Catalonia, Ferran Cement, will explain the main features of the proposed Geopark.
The ceremony's distinctive SICTED organize the City of Cardona, Cardona Historic Foundation, the Bages Regional Council, the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and the Barcelona Provincial Council and will end with a guided tour inside Mountain Cardona Salt. The Cultural Park of the Salt Mountain has revalidating SICTED distinctive tourist quality since 2013 when it received first. Moreover, last year requested the Office of Tourism Cardona that it expects this year 2016.

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