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The Geoparks, central figure of the international year of sustainable tourism development
• A delegation from UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia was in FITUR to attend the presentation in sustainable tourism, and a book containing the assets of eleven Geoparks Spain The fair FITUR, which took place in Madrid last week, officially gave the start of 2017 as International Year of sustainable tourism development, placing the Geoparks as one of the key figures for tourism development and territorial respects the environment and the environment. A delegation from UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia -the president Josep Canals, scientific director, Ferran Climent, technical-staff was FITUR to participate in various activities to make themselves known and to highlight the presentation of book "Geoparques. Los Destinos most innovative sustainable tourism "that ensures that Geoparks" are one of the best and most innovative proposals for sustainable tourism. " A book containing the Geoparks Spain The book contains information and photographs of eleven Geoparks Geoparks Spain -the Central Catalonia is the only Catalonia. In the section on our territory are included places like the Puig de la Bauma Mura, tubs foot vine valley bakeries, Montserrat and the caves of Toll, Migmón failure, or the mountain of Montserrat cave of St. Ignatius. The UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia brings us to the evolution of a sea that there were millions of years ago in the heart of Catalonia. It is a land of contrasts marked by geology and mining heritage. Sustainable tourism Geoparks in Central Catalonia The UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia was built four years ago in the European Geoparks Network and a little over a year has won the Unesco label. This year international carry out various activities to promote the rapprochement of geology in society, but also to promote geotourism, sustainable development and promotion of the cultural, historical and gastronomic territory. Noteworthy among other activities, outings in nature carried out in the framework of the Week of Geoparks and offered hundreds of people the chance to know the surroundings from a different perspective. It also held two editions of the Fair Culinary Geopark, as a proposal to promote the consumption of local food products and proximity. I work in the creation of tourism products sustainable tourism and geotourism as outputs 2 and 4 days riding through the vineyards of Geoparks.

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