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The winners of the Olympics of Geology visit the Geopark Central Catalonia
The winners of the 7enes Geology Olympics, which were held a few weeks ago, on Saturday visited the Geopark Central Catalonia guided by its scientific director, Ferran Climent. The output had twenty participants from around Catalonia, including students and their companions, and become a good opportunity to review the field concepts face testing phase state of the Olympics, which will take place in Jaca on 9 April.
The tour began in Manresa and went, first, to the caves Toll Moià stop doing the abandoned meander Calders. Afterwards, he continued to Sallent and Artés, where attendees were able to see different aspects of the evolution of the Catalan potassium basin, at the time when the sea disappeared and it was replaced by a endorheic basin rivers and lakes. Participants were able to see several examples of geological processes and geohazard effects in this society, as well as major tectonic structures, mining salt, a medieval water pipe (the ditch) and their quaternary terraces exploitation, etc.


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