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Geolodia Barcelona 2018
Last Friday, May 13th, the Geolodia Barcelona 2018 was celebrated. This day was organized by the paleontologists of the CRIP (Center for Restoration and Paleontological Interpretation), a reference institution located in Hostalets de Pierola (L'Anoia). The exit was made in a very relaxed atmosphere and the day accompanied. Sixty people enjoyed the landscape and the explanations of the guide. The objective of the exit was to be able to know the atmosphere in which they had lived a great amount of fauna during the Miocene, about 12 million years ago. Els Hostalets de Pierola are a point of maximum interest for the large number of mammalian fossils found, including those of an ancestor of our species, in Pau. The Geopark of Central Catalonia was in charge of coordinating the realization of this annual event in the province of Barcelona. Geolodia is an action at the state level that allows the geology and the work of geologists to be disseminated to society, while doing an outdoor activity guided by specialists.

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