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"Time ... minerals and rocks," a series of entertaining and fun to bring geology to the public

"Time minerals and rocks ..." is the title of the proposal made Bases Ateneo library, library Manresa Campus and the School of Engineering of Manresa, together with the UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia and the Museum of Geology Valentí Masachs. This is a series of activities and leisure and cultural proposals that aim to get closer geology society and promote the use of natural resources.

The program is varied and allows us to participate in proposals tailored to different age groups and the public: lectures to raise awareness about the responsible use of minerals as a natural resource, a book club, a children's show and a series of experimental activities and sensory.

Until April 30, the two libraries host exhibitions where you can see samples of fossils, minerals and rocks to see, touch and taste; photos of minerals and shapes and textures of nature, among others.

On April 26, there will be a talk on "Minerals: social responsibility" to make us aware that minerals are necessary to give us life and that we use in our daily lives.

On April 27 there will be a workshop urban identification of minerals and rocks from geopositioning technologies to see a virtual journey through time and understand the evolution of the earth's crust. The same day there will be a book club on the book "Extraordinary Creatures," whose protagonists two female fossil hunter.

And on April 28 will be the children's show based on the story of Somiatruites Queralt, who was leading a massive cantata co-organized by the Geopark. This time, the activity will be small and will explain the history of Queralt, a very imaginative girl for feet on the ground, filled his pockets with stones that symbolize the values that have actually World Geoparks Unesco Central Catalonia.

This series had its first edition last year with "Time ... math." This year, since the organization decided it would be interesting to do it on minerals and rocks and looked for the complicity of Geoparks and the Museum of Geology. The Geopark there col • labora financially and in the organization of the program of activities, including a workshop center identification of minerals and rocks and the adaptation of the cantata "Queralt dreamer."

You can view the detailed program to www.geoparc.cat


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