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Geology Olympics in 2017.
The Olympics are open to students who have completed courses in geology which has a special role: Natural Sciences, Earth Sciences and Environment, Geology, Science Contemporary World, etc. It is open to high school students enrolled during the academic year 2016/2017 * any Centre of Catalonia. (* Exceptionally, if they are authorized by the direction of its students may participate Centre-2nd cycle of ESO). The headquarters of the Central Catalonia, for the 5th consecutive year, will be EPSEM, who is organizing the tests here. The Geopark supporting collaborates with breakfast on the day of testing and the award winners, which corresponds with a visit to the Geopark has not yet scheduled. Registration will end on December 22, 2016 and must be made through a registration form that is downloaded at the following website, which also includes all the information: http://www.aepect.org/olimpiadasgeologia/fases_territorial_cat_2017.htm Animus you!
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