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Project archaeological excavations Moià
Only two months after the child discovered the Neanderthal cave Moià Toixoneres, City Hall, Government Museum and research team, come together to redefine the project of archaeological excavations and work together to redevelop the site.
Wednesday, October 27, met Park Prehistoric Caves of Toll Archaeology Service Representatives of the Government of Catalonia, IPHES (Catalan Institute of Human Paleo-Ecology and Social Evolution), the Town Hall and the Museum of Moià , presiding over the ceremony the mayor GUITAR Dionysus.
The aim of the meeting was to start working together on the revaluation of the deposit of the Cave of Toixoneres the forthcoming excavations, and also make it accessible to the public.
This meeting comes two months after the important discovery of a Neanderthal child's Cave Teixoneres, called "The boy Moià" caused a great impact scientific and media. Toixoneres Cave is one of the busiest Neanderthal Central Catalonia, is also one of only four sites with Neanderthal and human remains and that is why now activated tasks for more benefit.

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