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European Geoparks Week

The European Geoparks Week brings to Central Catalonia plenty of entertaining and original approach to geology citizens

On May 26 will be the start of the 2017 European Geoparks Week, a joint initiative, which aims to bring geology and land to citizens from leisure and fun. In the case of UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia (which includes Bages and Collbató Moianès some municipalities) the proposed activities are most original, from discovering the evolution of the territory from a sandbox to to make exit tubs and pairing it with a wine tasting and poetry or listen to the media Marc Boada. From 26 May to 11 June, a lot of different proposals to explore the area from another point of view, organized jointly with the organizations co-workers • Geoparks as Councils, Libraries, Parks, etc. . You can find the complete program with all the details www.geoparc.cat

The Global Geoparks are areas recognized by UNESCO. In Spain there are 11, and the Central Catalonia is the only one in Catalonia. These are areas with significant geological heritage and working for sustainable development. Among its tasks is to bring teaching geology in simple and accessible to the population, which is the main objective of the proposed activities Week of Geoparks.

Recreating our geological history with a sandbox
During every day of the European Geoparks Week, libraries and Casino Ateneo Bases and the Manresa Campus Library will show an exhibition of books funds BCUM speaking of Geoparks. And besides, the Manresa Campus Library and Center for Research and Documentation Geopark, will install their facilities • a sandbox or sandpit, courtesy of the School of Building Construction of Barcelona (UPC ). It is a tool that allows an interactive three-dimensional topographical map available to everyone. To see how it is used, we propose the workshop "Moura seas and mountains!", On 26 May and 9 June, to recreate different periods of geological history of Central Catalonia and other geological processes we can observe and morphologies landscape today. Will the Manresa Campus Library - Research and Documentation Center of the Geopark (Av. De Bases de Manresa, 7-11) 2/4 7 pm.

Marry territory with wine and literature
Another Week activities of Geoparks is expected to be more successful is the tour tubs foot vine Valley Flequer accompanies the reading of excerpts from novels • the set in the wine world and wine tasting Pla de Bages and local produce. It is a route of 6 km and a low difficulty, with access from the bridge Vilomara. Will be held on June 3 in the morning and must register at the Library of Vilomara Bridge and Roquefort. (938 318 324 or b.pont@diba.cat). The price of 6 euros, includes shuttle bus.

Conference media Marc Boada
Marc Boada, scientific popularizer and expresentador program "Quèquicom" will be one of the stars of the European Geoparks Week by the conference on June 7 entitled "From the mobile intel mineral • Intelligent 3 million years!" . 3 million years ago our ancestors made the first tools and everything changed forever. Now the technology is not in Africa but in Silicon Valley, where he works with elements extracted minerals.

At the conference, we will discover how important these are real gems in the world natural.L'assistència is free and the event will take place at the Auditorium of the School of Engineering of Manresa (EPSEM). Av. Bases of Manresa 61-73, 2/4 8 pm.
Guided walks and activities for the weekend

In addition, the Week of Geoparks also proposes several outings to visit different places of interest of UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia. On May 27 there will be a route through the shady path, in the Sierra de Rubio, Collbató, which will enjoy a magnificent Vite and interpret different natural elements.

On June 4 will be a route to discover the geological and mining heritage Suria, covering the area of the chalk stream El Tordell and a section of the road and Castelladral Súria. The same day will also tour the visitor center and mini drain the pond to explain the evolution of the landscape and how it could dominate the water. The best example is the mine, which allowed the drainage of the lake that existed for thousands of years.

And on 11 June, the output will be in San Vicente de Castellet, a walk to amazing places that we discover on marine municipality.
Proposals for the Week of Geoparks be completed with different routes to approach the geology of the Natural Park of San Lorenzo del Munt i l'Obac -Discover rocks, faults, monoliths ...- 4 and 11 June ; and weekend family activities, such as visits to the Caves of Toll Moià, a jewel of UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia or the tour "Manresa, Catalonia Heart."


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