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Twenty companies have already signed bagenques a distinction that certifies as sustainable tourism establishment and joined the
  • "Commitment for Sustainability" is a program that replaces the quality and sustainability certification for tourism quality SICTED
  • Bages, services and tourism establishments that adhere to the commitment credited automatically to the attached equipment Unesco World Geoparks Central Catalonia
  • There is time to register until April 28th

The "Commitment for Sustainability" is a quality system -under the umbrella of sustainable tourism certification Biosphere world- wide at the provincial level that is funded by the Province of Barcelona Bages and is managed by the Regional Council. This seal, replacing the accreditation SICTED quality tourist Bages has a value added businesses and services that are aimed credited automatically members joined the UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia. Currently there are 19 member companies and no time to apply for accreditation until Friday 28 April.

Adhering to the commitment is voluntary and is a guarantee for tourists regarding environmental management and protection of cultural heritage. The certification was created with the support of the United Nations through the First World Conference on Sustainable Tourism is a stamp in Bages, exceptionally, will be accompanied by the distinctive corporate / equipment joined the UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia .

Under the Commitment to sustainability management working for the company internally is optimal, sustainable and efficient by incorporating best practices manuals. The program improves the quality and sustainability of tourism services in the region, generating contacts and collaborations between different tourism companies who participate and influence the direction of the company towards customer satisfaction.

With this project, the Bages County Council wants to increase the competitiveness of the tourism industry in the region and increase standards of quality and sustainable tourism destination. Membership of the program involves the implementation of a training plan, attending workshops, participation in working groups, the application of criteria for improvement in your company and external cycles per year. In Bages, the process will end by winning two symbols: a 'commitment to sustainability "and distinctive accession to UNESCO World Geopark of Catalonia.

The first training session will take place on 2 May. Throughout the year there will be two groups in terms of sustainability applied to tourism companies, a workshop group, the improvement plan that each company must develop throughout 2017, etc. The whole process will support and monitoring by the Regional Council of Bages, Barcelona Provincial Council and Chamber of Commerce.

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