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XV Medieval Fair Trades
The Medieval Fair of Crafts is characterized by the high presence of local authorities and the wide range of participatory activities for visitors, such as workshops and street performances (dance, tales, songs, minstrels and knights). Since the first edition, the organization is committed to the quality of parades and street performances to ensure the maximum historical accuracy and quality of the event.
The Old Town becomes the ideal stage to convey to visitors the feeling of being in a small medieval town. Its squares and streets are decorated with straw hangings and other items to make your visit to the fair a real time travel.
Throughout its history, the Medieval Fair Trades incorporated performances and shows increasingly that enrich its offer. One of the innovations of previous years has been the recreation of a salt mine underground characters that interact with visitors, from set design created by the renowned workshop Castells Planas (Cardedeu).
Another unmissable program are performances of the show 'Salty!', A story of tangled medieval original author and screenwriter James surienc Esquius around the discovery of a deposit of salt in medieval Súria . The work has a music and choreography designed specifically for this show, the original singer of traditional music and Jaume Arnella choreographer Joan Serra, respectively.
In addition to the activities taking place in Old Town, trade Suria opens its doors during the Fair, with shops decorated with medieval atmosphere. The restaurants also offer menus medieval suriencs for their clients.
2016 Event dates: Saturday and Sunday, 12 and 13 November.




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