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El Celler de Mura
El Celler grocery is located in Carrer Roquetes 15, Mura. It was born thanks to the grand illusion that put their owners. They had always wanted a ...
Mbici Manresana de Serveis amb Bicicleta
Mbici offers different types of services for cycling, as guided tours to learn about the natural, architectural and cultural heritage in Bages coun...
Rebost del Bages market
This market started on 2012 with a different sort of producers and farmers which sell their own products directly to consumer. On summer we can fin...
Mengem Bages
MengemBages is a project of Frescoop SCCL (www.frescoop.coop), a co-op working and integrated into the consumer network XarxaGedi. (www.xarxagedi.c...
Route The Salt Mills
Nature trail, to enjoy on mountain bike or by foot, that follows the meandering Cardener riverbed as it forges its way through the township of Card...

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