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Arts and Sustainability Center Forn de la Calç (Calders)

The Contemporary Arts and Sustainability Center Forn de la calç in Calders is a meeting point between culture, history and sustainability. Surrounded by nature, in the heart of Catalonia, some ancient lime kilns have been restored because of their uniqueness, their good preservation and their industrial and architectural value. Our objective is to stablish a sustainable modern art centre in the region of Bages, bearing in mind that the lime kilns will be the guiding line of our project.

This center devotes itself to the research, the production and the exhibition of cultural projects, including all the conceptual sides and shapes of modern art, especially those ones related to ecology and environment. We have taken into account the speacial features of this centre: the old quarry, a well preserved environment, a good relationship between environment and human activity and the singularity of the lime kilns.

KEY WORDS: contemporary arts, sustainability, exhibitions,historical and cultural heritage

Activities for: All ages

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