Project Description

Salt Mountain Cultural Park

The Salt Valley and the Salt Mountain

Cardona’s Salt Valley, home to the precious wealth of salt that has been exploited since the Neolithic period, and the potash discovered by the engineer Emili Viader in the early 1900s, is Cardona’s raison d’être. Around it, the Salt Mountain Cultural Park was inaugurated in 2003 to disseminate its value and project the Salt Mountain as ‘a great mountain of pure salt that grows as it is extracted’ (Aulus Gel-li, quoting Cato, 2nd century AD).

A unique geological phenomenon in the world.

The Cardona Salt Valley is a depression of land in the shape of a stretched ellipse with an extension of 1,800m long by 600m wide and a surface area of 100ha, with natural characteristics that have made it worthy of being included in the Plan for Areas of Natural Interest in Catalonia. The salt outcroppings are located within this depression, and that is why it was formerly known as ‘el Salí’ and is currently known as Vall Salina.

The Salt Mountain Cultural Park

The old enclosure of Mina Nieves has been fitted out as a cultural facility with the aim of giving shape to the interrelationship established between people and salt, spanning thousands of years. In the framework of the facilities of the mining area you will find information about the geology of the valley, the mineralogy of salt, its flora and the uses that have been made of this resource.

The Salt Mountain Cultural Park offers visitors:

A walk through the old mining facilities: Under the imposing image of the castles of the old Maria Teresa mineral extraction well (46 metres), the museum area extends, explaining the history of the industrial exploitation of the Valley. You can also see the machinery of mineral extraction of the well, as it was when in full operation.

A guided tour at a depth of 86m: Inside the rooms of the Salt Mountain, open since 1997, the different folds and veins of the deposit and the diversity of minerals can be seen in all their splendour and spectacularity. A unique place in the world!