Collaborating companies

The official partners of the Geoparc, companies and institutions, are growing in number. In order to be official partners, they must be distinguished with the Biosphere Certification for sustainable tourism. The Biosphere tourism program ensures that the company’s internal management is optimal, efficient and sustainable on an environmental, social and economic scale. It is a pioneering certification, based on the 17 Sustainable Development objectives of the United Nations integrated in 2030 Agenda. These partners are the only ones who can use the Geoparc logo on their products and services.

Geoparc Tourist Information Points

Throughout the territory, there are some eighty infrastructures and services linked to tourism that form part of Geoparc’s Tourist Information Points (TIP) Program.

These TIP services (restaurants, accommodation, museums, interpretation centres, libraries, travel agencies, City Councils, etc.) receive regular training, enabling them to provide rigorous information to the visitor on the existing tourist offer (resources, activities, products, etc.), as well as assistance and support in the organisation of the stay. Similarly, they also receive training on geological heritage, the Geoparc and UNESCO’s global geoparks.

For more information on the tourist information points, visit the Bages Tourism website.

TIP Type Municipality
Agustí Pastisser Trade Navarcles
Castellbell i el Vilar City Council Administration Castellbell i el Vilar
Castellgalí City Council Administration Castellgalí
Fonollosa City Council Administration Fonollosa
Navarcles City Council Administration Navarcles
Navàs City Council Administration Navàs
Sant Fruitós de Bages City Council Administration Sant Fruitós de Bages
Sant Vicenç de Castellet City Council Administration Sant Vicenç de Castellet
Sant Joan de Vilatorrada City Council Administration Sant Joan de Vilatorrada
Castelladral Hostel Hostel/Restaurant Navàs (Castelladral)
Àrtium – Artés Cooperative winery Winery Artés
Sallent B&B Hotel Sallent
Bagesterradevins | La Brocada Services Tourist activities Manresa
La Sede de Manresa Basilica Visitor Centre Manresa
Skydive · BCN Tourist activities Sant Fruitós de Bages
Gallifa Library – Association Library Sant Joan de Vilatorrada
Artés Library Library Artés
Navarcles Library Library Navarcles
Casino Library Library Manresa
Pont de Vilomara i Rocafort Library Library Pont de Vilomara i Rocafort
Marc de Cardona Library Library Cardona
Sant Fruitós de Bages Municipal Library Library Sant Fruitós de Bages
Pere Casaldàliga Library Library Balsareny
Salvador Vives and Casajuana Library Library Sant Vicenç de Castellet
Abadal Winery Productor/Winery Avinyó
Cal Carter Restaurant Mura
Cal Fuse Rural house Fonollosa
Cal Magre Restaurant Callús
Cal Segudet Rural house Castellnou de Bages
Càmping Cal Paradís Campsite Sant Mateu de Bages
Cardonaevents Tourist activities Cardona
Can la Pilar Butcher’s – P & B Aviñón SL Trade Avinyó
Casa Cal Pastor Rural house Sant Mateu de Bages
Casa de colònies Dom Bosco Rural house Sant Mateu de Bages
Balsareny Castle – Bros Germanos Tourist activities Balsareny
Catalonia Horse Trails Tourist activities Sant Fruitós de Bages
Oller del Mas Inherited Winery Productor/Winery Manresa
Solergibert Winery Winery Artés
Coll de Tenazas Information Centre (PN Sant Llorenç del Montón and El Obac) Visitor Centre Mura
Medieval Interpretation Centre Carrer del Balç Visitor Centre Manresa
Historical Research Collective Administration Sant Fruitós de Bages
The Lake (Mes Mingu Sports) Tourist activities Navarcles
Castelltallat rural house Rural house Sant Mateu de Bages
Espai Era. Can Junyent Era rural house Rural house Rajadell
Gaia-guies Tourist activities Moià
Guilleumes Hostel Restaurant Monistrol de Montserrat
Soler Hostel Restaurant Sant Joan de Vilatorrada
Hotel 1948 Hotel Manresa
Hotel La Sagrera SFB Hotel Sant Fruitós de Bages
Hotel Mas de la Sala Hotel/Restaurant Sallent
Hotel Casa Padró Hotel Manresa
Infosèquia (Parc de La Sèquia Foundation) Visitor Centre Manresa
Josep Valls Pellicer ( – 46344114B Tourist activities Sant Joan de Vilatorrada
La Sala (San Salvador Guardiola City Council) Restaurant Sant Salvador de Guardiola
Les Cases de Matamargó Rural house Pinós
Les Corts de Biosca i El Mas Rural house Salo (Sant Mateu de Bages)
Les Feixes de Coaner Rural house Salo (Sant Mateu de Bages)
Lleure dos mil Tourist activities Navarcles
Làctics Casanueva – ARTELAC Producer Sant Vicenç de Castellet
Cardener Association Administration Sant Joan de Vilatorrada
Manresa Tourism Tourist office Manresa
Mas de Sant Iscle Winery Sant Fruitós de Bages
Masajoana rural house Rural house Rellinars
Mas Urpina (Ampans) Tourist activities Sant Salvador de Guardiola
Mel Cal Fuster Producer Castelladral (Navàs)
Moià travel Tourist activities Moià
Museum of Technology (Parc de la Sèquia Foundation) Visitor Centre Manresa
Món Sant Benet (La Pedrera Foundation of Catalonia) Tourist activities Sant Fruitós de Bages
Castelltallat Astronomical Observatory Tourist activities Sant Mateu de Bages
Cardona Tourist Office Tourist office Cardona
Rajadell Tourist Office Tourist office Rajadell
Súria Tourist Office Tourist office Súria
Castellgalí Hostel Hostel Castellgalí
Casal de Castelltallat Restaurant Restaurant Sant Mateu de Bages
Gaià Restaurant Restaurant Gaià
Sílvia Rovira Routes Tourist activities Cardona
Think & view Tourist activities Navarcles
Tot Turisme (OT Sallent) Tourist office Sallent
Villa – 19th Century Catalan rural house Rural house Sant Vicenç de Castellet