The official partners of the Geoparc, companies and institutions, are growing in number. In order to be official partners, they must be distinguished with the Biosphere Certification for sustainable tourism. The Biosphere tourism program ensures that the company’s internal management is optimal, efficient and sustainable on an environmental, social and economic scale. It is a pioneering certification, based on the 17 Sustainable Development objectives of the United Nations integrated in 2030 Agenda. These partners are the only ones who can use the Geoparc logo on their products and services.

Throughout the territory, there are some eighty infrastructures and services linked to tourism that form part of Geoparc’s Tourist Information Points (TIP) Program.

These TIP services (restaurants, accommodation, museums, interpretation centres, libraries, travel agencies, City Councils, etc.) receive regular training, enabling them to provide rigorous information to the visitor on the existing tourist offer (resources, activities, products, etc.), as well as assistance and support in the organisation of the stay. Similarly, they also receive training on geological heritage, the Geoparc and UNESCO’s global geoparks.

For more information on the tourist information points, visit the Bages Tourism website.