Bages Learning Camp

The Bages Learning Camp is an educational service that, with its various activities and teaching materials, aims to facilitate the interpretation of the social, cultural and natural environment (including geology) of the territory, especially in environmental aspects, through observation, discovery of the surroundings, reflection and experimentation.

The Bages Learning Camp takes place at ‘La Casa de la Culla’, a medieval farmhouse that dates back to 1009 and like most medieval farmhouses, it was dedicated to winemaking until the 19th century.

The Manresa City Council bought the house, and in 1984 it began to operate as a Nature House, dedicated to environmental education for schoolchildren. Since 1993, it has been a learning camp dedicated to nature and the agricultural world. Since 2001, it has also been the headquarters of the Regulatory Council of the ‘Pla de Bages’ wine designation of origin, since the farmhouse was used for winemaking.