Geoparc experiences

Did you know that millions of years ago, in the heart of Catalonia, there was a sea that disappeared, pushed by the rise of mountain ranges like the Pyrenees? A Geoparc is a well-defined territory with a strong personality and an exceptional geological heritage that promotes a sustainable socio-economic development strategy. The Geoparc of Central Catalonia is the first Geopark in Catalonia and has about fifty outstanding points of geological interest. Under this umbrella, the Geoparc brings together a quality tourism offer that integrates culture, nature, geological landscapes, mining history and gastronomy. Come and see the Central Catalonia UNESCO Global Geopark.

The sustainable tourism destination of our UNESCO Global Geopark invites you to discover the history of our inland sea through the following experiences:

  • Get to know the Geoparc (3 days): A 3-day route to capture the essence of the Geoparc through Montserrat, Cardona and Moià.
  • Savour the Geoparc (3 days): Discover the Geoparc whilst enjoying the best gastronomy and wines of the Pla de Bages DO.
  • Essential Geoparc (2 days): 2 days to capture the essence of the Geoparc, with the magic of Montserrat, the history of Manresa and the opulence of Cardena.
  • The Geoparc caves(2 days): The caves are a unique element of the Geoparc, without a doubt, and this route is designed to discover them.
  • The Geoparc wine(2 days): The Geoparc is a land of wines, and it is a land with a glorious history and a unique wine heritage.

You can also enjoy the following day activities:

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