Pla de Bages DO.

The wineries of the Pla de Bages DO offer guided tours, wine tastings and activities to enrich the wine culture.

All the wineries in Bages have their own vineyards, so the wines of Bages offer different expressions of our land and the people who work it.

The characteristics of the soil and the climate of the region result in wines with a lot of freshness, of amiable concentration and with a good capacity to age.

The native grape variety of the region is the Picapoll, which gives a fruity white wine with a fresh aroma, splendid texture and personality. This grape has become a symbol of the identity of Bages, since it is the only place in Spain where this precious variety is grown. As for the red grapes, the native red varieties Picapoll, Sumoll and Mandó are also being recovered, helping to consolidate the particular profile of the area.