Museum of Geology
‘Valentí Masachs’

The ‘Valentí Masachs’ Museum of Geology goes beyond a classic museum of geology since apart from showing representative collections of minerals, rocks and fossils, it shows the uses that these geological materials have for people, while at the same time provoking reflection on issues of social importance such as: The Earth’s resources are running out; Radioactivity: Pros and Cons; Minerals and People; Minerals of the Future.

Currently the museum has a collection of approximately 5000 minerals, 2000 rocks and 3000 fossils. This fund has been collected mainly with samples sought by the same members of the museum team, with the donation of private collections, exchanges and some acquisitions.

The ‘Valentí Masachs’ Museum of Geology of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, is located in the Manresa School of Engineering.

The Museum offers free visits every Sunday from 11 to 14. The visit must be arranged during the week.