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From Geoparks are invited to a guided tour on 18 March 2017. The route will go from around Montserrat to Cardona and Suria. Crossing the territory following the rocks formed by sediments of a time when Central Catalonia was the sea, about 38 million...

Regular meeting of the Scientific Council Geoparks.

• 77 students from six schools in Central Catalonia participate in the tests that take place in the hotel • Facilities EPSEM • The Olympics are intended to promote knowledge of geology among high school students

Presentation of the book "Geological Landscapes of Central Catalonia. Itineraries and guided by the Geopark" Author: Joseph Girabal Location: Santa Maria d'Olo "The Centru". Then the itinerary will explore the area.

2nd Gastronomic Fair of Geoparks 12/11/2015 16h to 21h Plaza Santo Domingo, Manresa Discover, taste and buy the best products of our territory.   The Geopark is geology, landscape and tourism, but also food and product...


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