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European Network and Global Geoparcs

The European Network of Geoparks was created in year 2000 with the aim to protect and preserve the geological heritage under a voluntary associative model of the territories committed to caring for the geological heritage, accepting and implementing the Charter of the European Network of Geoparks.

The Geological and Mining Park of Central Catalonia became Geopark of the European Network in September 2012.

Principles of the Charter of the European Network of Geoparks:

  • An European Geopark includes a geological heritage of primary importance in a given territory. The Geopark must establish a strategy of sustainable development of the territory. The geological resources of a Geopark, as well as geological interest, may also be of archaeological, ecological, historical or cultural interest.
  • The Geoparks integrated in the Network benefit from protection and management measures. A Geopark must guarantee the protection and conservation of its patrimony and the improvement and sustainable development of the territory.
  • A Geopark must actively work on the sustainable economic development of the territory linked with Geotourism and the geological heritage.
  • A Geopark commits to develop, investigate and work for the continuous improvement of the preservation and assessment methods of the geological heritage.
  • A Geopark plays an important role in scientific investigation, training and environmental education.
  • A Geopark is committed to strengthen the links of the European Network; it must collaborate with other Geoparks as well as with the entrepreneurs of the region to reach a balance between economical development and conservation.

The success of the model of the European Network of Geoparks was soon made obvious with the collaboration of UNESCO taking the Network worldwide with the Global Network of Geoparks. With UNESCO’s support since 2004, the Network focuses in three primary goals:

  • The preservation of a healthy environment.
  • Education on the sciences of the Earth.
  • The sustainable local economic development.


EGN promotional video dedicated to the International Year of Sustainable Tourism in 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5x8ylbsjgI&feature=youtu.be

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