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The Geopark and the City of Suria install panels on the geological heritage of the town
The UNESCO World Geopark Central Catalonia and the city of Suria four information panels installed on the geological heritage surienc, besides a sign with the heading 'World Geopark' on the C-55 before the southern access to the city.
The four panels are located on the terrace of Cal Balaguer's Porch, the viewpoint of Salipota, before the failure of Migmón and the stretch of road PR-C 134 which is near the junction of the C-1410z the asphalt road Cal Jover.
The aim of the initiative is to improve the signposting of outstanding geological points of the town and spread out the highlights. The new panels offer illustrations and texts in Catalan, Spanish and English on the following topics: The geological history Suria ', Suria, a town of geology', 'The fault Migmón' and 'mining Suria '.
The installation of the panels has had the support of the Barcelona Provincial Council.


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